Welcome to Fujian Power Ltd

Fujian power Limited is a power servicing company dealing various Diesel/Petrol generators, Air conditioners and Air compressor other electrical appliances. we are basically a 3S company (sales, service and spares) related to the power sector

We deal with world class diesel generators like Perkins, Cummins, Deutz, Doosan and petrol generators like Honda and Fuji having alternators of Stamford and Meccalte .These gensets features complete set of distribution panel, ATS and Canopy. We also represent the world famous manufacturer of diesel generator- Forest City, UK in Bangladesh. We can offer gensets ranging from 8 KVA to 2000 KVA according to the specifications required by the customers.

"Providing products and services that satisfy every need and please every customer" We consider building a long term relationship with customers be the way we do business. We, therefore, believe that pre-sales and after-sales supports are parts of the most important tasks to our customers. With our products and services, Customer get quick delivery, good quality, reasonable price and strong after-sales supports not only during the warrantee period but also all entire life of the products. To satisfy every customer, our company has a strong service team who are in the work of

  Auto transfer switches (ATS) manufacture and installation.
  Installation and commissioning of generator.
  Generator overhauling.
  Assembling local canopy.
  All kind of electrical work.
  All kind of generator Maintenance and service contract.
  Installation and servicing of Air Conditioner.


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